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Bridgie McNulty


Bridgie, born and raised in and around the Atlanta area, has always been inspired by the arts. As a child, music played an important role in influencing her creativity.  Playing piano and singing were her initial creative outlets. Infatuated with the beauty God has created all around us, she began painting in 2009 after participating in a workshop from local artist, Ken Wallin on St. Simons Island.  She continued taking numerous workshops from other nationally known artists as well as regional artists. The workshop experience has expanded her painting but she has developed a style that is recognizably her own.

In 2014, Bridgie joined the Wild Hope Gallery with owner Diane Buffington in Alpharetta, Georgia, as a painter-in-residence.  Having moved to St. Simons Island with her husband in 2018, she now has her studio at The Brunswick Artery

She paints from the heart, primarily with oil paint. She says that the translucent quality of oil allows her to create a sense of warmth, peace and emotional happiness in her paintings especially now that she has moved to her forever dream environment, St. Simons Island and the surrounding areas.




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