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Collage With
Suzanne Clements

A two-day workshop designed to begin creating a strong foundation in the intriguing art of collage. Using water media (watercolor or watered down acrylics) stained papers, we will experiment with a variety of compositional formats and explore ways to create strong, colorful, unique, and personal art.

The overriding goal is to develop ways to create abstracted images and explore new means of expression....the sky's the limit with collage!

Date: TBA
Class Price - $185

Class Supplies



MATERIALS PROVIDED BY INSTRUCTOR ($35 materials fee payable to instructor)

* 1 sheet 300# watercolor paper

* 1 packet of a variety of handmade papers (different textures, colors, compositions)

oriental papers (washi) enough for the workshop

* Some other select materials will be available


PAPERS - feel free to bring your own papers, magazines, scraps of wrapping paper, brown paper bags, old photos (or copies), tissue, textured papers.....use your imagination!

SUPPORTS/BACKGROUND - For collage, the heavier the support paper, the better. 300# W/C paper is fine for what we'll be doing....also, illustration board, mat board (I'll have the w/c paper but if you want to bring your own...)

PAINTS - a variety of colors in Watercolors, acrylics can be watered down and one (1) tube of white gouache (NO OILS!)

GLUE - 8oz (or larger) container of acrylic matte medium. I also use acrylic gel medium for heavier papers.

BRUSHES - a variety of regular watercolor brushes. 1/2" or 1" flat or filberts work well, to stain papers and an inexpensive soft bristle brush to glue.


* notebook

*pencils (lead, colored, w/c crayons)

* zip lock gallon bags for storing different colored stained papers

* scissors straight or craft shapers

* corrugated cardboard

* reference photos, pictures you may wish to work from, inspiration

* any other colors, pencils, pastels, art crayons.....we can mix it up!

* paper towels (I like VIVA)

* plastic containers for water; plastic cups for mixing glue

note: Tired paintings, watercolor or acrylic can be fun "reworking" with collage


The workroom will be open at 9:30am, instruction begins at 10:00am. Coffee provided, we will break for lunch at 12:30. Brown bag or run out to pick up.

We'll end our day at 3:00pm, I'll be around for a while to address personal questions.

Suzanne Clements

Register For Class

Please click the link to register through


Call Susan Anderson at The Brunswick Artery

(651) 429-7292

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