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Judee Brooks


Born in the deep south, Judee Brooks was deeply influenced by her Alabama roots. After earning a Bachelor of Arts Psychology degree from Emory University, her professional journey took an eclectic path. Judee lived from coast to coast combining careers in the fashion industry, retail, and real estate with opportunities for artistic growth and development before calling St. Simons Island her forever home.

Judee took up painting as an adult and through art she found an outlet for self-expression that she cultivated and feels carried her through tough and good times. Mostly self-taught, she has attended some wonderful workshops. She credits watercolorist, Hercel Stallard with developing her creative passion.

Judee’s art has been exhibited in North Carolina, Florida and most recently, Georgia. She is an active member of the Glynn Visual Arts and Jekyll Island Arts Association and has paintings for sale displayed at both locations, as well as online, and in her studio.

Artist’s Statement: For me, painting is not a pastime but a privilege and a necessity. Whether using oil, watercolor, or acrylic, I paint to tell a story, escape, express myself and explore feelings. I learn and am inspired by my surroundings, past and present. Enthralled by the action of paints, I watch for “happy accidents” as I hear the sage advice of my mentor and friend, Hercel, “It’s only a piece of paper!” My cherished wish is that my bold, vibrant “pieces of paper” will transfer my feelings to my viewers, strike a common chord, evoke nostalgic memories and bring forth joy!



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