Martha Heirrix


   I am a multimedia artist living in Brunswick Georgia. I was born and raised in the Bahamas on the beautiful Island of Abaco. I am the eighth of fourteen children. Growing up in a large household, I had to entertain myself. My world came alive through drawing, painting and using my imagination.  I drew my inspiration largely from the ocean and Nature. Creativity has been my passion for as long as I can remember. 

  My passion for painting stems from my soul expression of its uniqueness and simulation from Spiritual Inspiring. Most of My paints are done with acrylic paints and multimedia texture and gems.  I love individuality, no two pieces are the same, and this intrigues me. I look forward to every day that I am able to paint. Every painting has its own story and I LOVE sharing my stories with everyone.  It is my hope that others can see the movement, inspiration and feel the emotion in my pieces. 

  As a child, I was so inspired by Mother and Grandmother (Verdell and Priscilla) I watch both of these amazing Queens cook, bake and create from their souls. They never used any form of recipes, but everything turned out perfect. I would sit at my Mother’s feet when she was sewing and I would ask her to a cut a dress for my doll from her scrap fabrics and I would do what I saw her doing to sew my doll dresses. So, what I created and am still creating as I create, are both My Mother and Grandmother still expressing their creative souls through me.