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Robert Carroll

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"My paintings reflect stylistic shifts as I explore different subjects in three (3) series- Fractured, Skiffs, and Collages.
My Fractured series explores the re-imagining of some of my previous works as new striking paintings. I alter the colors, line, and the form in recomposing the original image. Progressively, I introduce more representational elements and a bolder use of color to the series.
The Collage series uses a variety of different mediums found in conventional collage as well as just painted images. The images in these paintings are unconnected to each other and are juxtaposed without regard to scale relative to other objects in the painting. The disparate objects mixed with other random elements thwarts any one interpretation.
Although there are many artists I admire, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, James Rosenquist and David Salle most directly influence my work.”  ---Robert Carroll

Robert Carroll is principally self-taught. He has taken college courses in painting and drawing. Robert had a superior high school art teacher who started him on a lifetime journey of painting. Many of his paintings reflect a bold choice of color, like his Skiffs series, which strips down the image and looks at the subject(s) in close-up. He paints both objective and non-objective canvases working mostly in oils. 
Robert works out of his studio at the Brunswick Artery. He has sold paintings to collectors from Maine to Florida. Robert’s working career was in the oil and healthcare industries in financial management. He and his wife, Leslie, live on Saint Simons Island, GA.

Contact number: (912) 215-9860



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