- day 1 GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH THE PROCESS Discussion: Purposes, goals and directions for the workshop Demo: Staining papers. Formatting and building a collage. Techniques. Work: Prepare our 300# w/c paper to make several supports for collage. Make 4 small abstractions, each 7 1/2" square. Collage using formats: Bridge, T-shape, cruciform

-day 2 OTHER NON-OBJECTIVE DESIGN FORMATS Discussion: the need for design a a basis for painting. Demo: show examples of several design formats. Work: Make at least two 11" square collages, exploring different formats, possible glazing with watercolor, adding opaque color (with gouache)


*** Collage opportunities are endless....because we ONLY have two short days to work together, I want you to feel free to tackle any design element that you may want to explore and I will be available to advise. I will offer suggestions in working with a floral design or landscape subjects for those who choose. Each day we'll review what we've done.....last day, show and tell!!


Suzanne S Clements 678-907-7202